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Practice safety production standardization to ensure orderly operation of production and operation.
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Practice safety production standardization to ensure orderly operation of production and operation.

In April this year, through the comprehensive evaluation of Weihai Safety Production Supervision and Administration Bureau, our company successfully passed the safety production standardization three-level enterprise audit, was awarded the title of "safety production standardization three-level enterprise", and issued a certificate and nameplate.

In order to actively respond to the requirements of national enterprise safety production standardization management and the needs of enterprise development, the company has been taking safety production standardization as the "top priority" of enterprise management, and comprehensively promote safety production to achieve standards.The company has set up a leading group and a self-evaluation group specially for safety production. The general manager is personally in charge of safety production. Combining with the original safety production management mechanism, the company has formulated a safety standardization work implementation plan, and has improved the safety production responsibility system, management system and safety operation rules for each work position.And many times organize managers and production line staff to carry out safety production standard training, improve the staff's sense of responsibility for safety production, and through deepening the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, gradually consolidate the foundation of safety production in enterprises, establish a long-term safety production standardization management mechanism, but also further improve the level of the enterprise safety production standardization management.

In the past six months, our company has been practicing standardization and always adheres to the "six measures".1Grid of safety responsibility  We will improve the responsibility system for production safety and guard production safety at all levels.The responsibility system of production safety is the core of enterprise safety management. Whether the responsibility of enterprise subject can be fully implemented is an important point that enterprise leaders at all levels and personnel of all kinds must clearly define their own safety responsibilities.Through the comprehensive and targeted revision and improvement of the responsibility system, the safety production responsibility system can be vertically to the end, horizontally to the side to achieve full coverage, leaving no dead angle.To achieve "hierarchical management, line responsibility", each department, each person has their own security responsibilities.2Diversification of safety publicity and training  Make full use of WeChat, video, on-site education and other forms to carry out safety knowledge training for all staff, change the ideology understanding, change from want me safe to want me safe.3Normalization of safety inspection  Insist on daily inspection of the work team, weekly safety walking in the workshop, and monthly safety inspection of the company.Let safety inspections be normalized, and timely identify safety hazards and reduce safety risks.Over 200 hidden dangers were discovered and rectified in half a year, effectively guaranteeing the order of production safety.4Responsibility for rectification of hidden dangers  Issue circulars to identify potential safety hazards, implement the responsible person, formulate corrective measures and completion time, and supervise and inspect the completion of corrective actions.The departments and individuals that fail to rectify and reform are assessed according to the safety management system to ensure that everyone is responsible for every problem and can rectify it in time.5Standardization of safety production  Improve the company's safety management system and safety production rules and regulations, so that safety management can be followed by rules, to achieve normalization and standardization of work.6Integration of safety management systemIn accordance with the requirements of the standardization system and with the support of the safety management department of the head office, a perfect safety management system document is formulated.Through the establishment and implementation of safety standardization, employees all praise that the maximum welfare that enterprise leaders provide to employees is to carry out safety production standardization.The biggest beneficiaries of the improvement in safety are the staff.At present, the company has achieved a qualitative breakthrough in terms of software and hardware facilities, personnel training and operation environment, and production safety management.

     The successful passage and implementation of the three-level assessment of the standardization of production safety is the recognition of the company's work safety management over the years.Although the achievements are gratifying, the company has no deadline for safety production. The company will "take this opportunity", use safety standardization management means to continuously enrich safety production management experience, constantly improve safety production management level, and actively create a benchmark enterprise for safety production in the thermal system industry, so as to truly guarantee the company's benign operation.


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